Become a College Football Spectator!

Football fans enjoying a sunny day at the stadiumFootball fans enjoying a sunny day at the stadium

Would you like to become a college football spectator with your significant other or a group of friends, but just do not understand what you are seeing? You've come to the right website! Here you will find everything you need to know to watch and enjoy a college football game.

We will start with Gear Up for Game Day, which will tell you what to wear and what you can and maybe cannot take with you to the stadium. We will also talk about going to the stadium versus watching at home and how to make it fun for all.

In Game Basics , I think we must talk about Concussions and the role they play in today's game before we talk about the game itself. We will see what The Field looks like and what all those white lines mean. I will also give you Definitions for common terms and describe how The Game Begins!

Then we will learn about Scoring, the most exciting part of college football.

Of course, Officiating is a large part of the game. We will look at the officiating crew's responsibilities before and during the game. You might be surprised at what they have to do. We'll discuss what it means when the yellow flags start to fly. Fouls and resulting Penalties are always interesting!


Every week during the college football season, 62 sports writers and broadcasters from across the country vote on the top 25 teams in the U.S. The new rankings come out on Sunday evening. I will update this column first with the preseason rankings, then each week during the season. About 2/3 through the season the College Football Playoff Committee will begin releasing rankings for the playoff season. I will switch from the AP top 25 to the CFP rankings at that time and update every Tuesday after the rankings are released.

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In the meantime, enjoy!